First day of semester

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Monday was the first day of first semester as a student at UH Manoa. In the morning i went early to see Professor Tom Kelleher, who i am TA’ing for, just to see if there was anything i needed to do before class. The class COM201 was from 11:30 to 12:45, and i had a little bit where i had to introduce myself as TA too, to about 120 students. After that i had some errands, chatted for lunch with Matt Berry, and then went to the National Bahai Center to do some work on a taskforce. Watched a couple of episodes of the West-Wing when i got back.

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By, Ashiyan Rahmani-Shirazi


The beings of pure light with their bodies located in stasis on the home planet of Gate, explored the universe freed from the limitations of the physical form.

They regarded the universe as their playground.

Their origins were the planet Earth but the evolutionary path had taken them to freedom from their human condition.


They had discovered life and beings in every planet and had learnt and developed into a communal civilisation, with harmony reigning between the varying life-forms.

As they displaced between different galaxies, they regarded and never forgot the early stage of their maturation, during the time of the Manifestation of the Creator, Baha’u’llah, who had brought the spiritual message to their early society, and who’s inheritors laid the foundation for the spiritual development of humanity.

These beings were dwellers in the paradise, and many Manifestations had come since the time of Bahaullah, but their scope was still within the 50,000th year of the 500,000 year Baha’i cycle.


They saw that the universe was flooded with life, and they nurtured those life forms that were at the early stages of development, participated in cross-species intercommunication and discourse with beings of equal stature and revered and allowed those beings that were at the end of their existence to quietly pass on and be absorbed by the universe. And hence they came upon something new, which was unprecedented in existence. A creation had come about which transcended the material and spiritual realm. It was at the time of the great dispersion into the outer spheres of the peripheral galaxies that they came upon these beings. The contact was short at the beginning, but they discovered a mystical energy being that was able to be commune with both the spiritual afterlife and affect the material universe. There had been beings previously that they had established contact with who were able to exist for eons but none that were able to conjoin the eternal realm with the universal realm. It was of unprecedented significance.



‘We seek your presence’, said the mystical energy being, who identified itself as General Assembly. The pure light being, of human origin, identified as Thanter, was the first to make contact and responded in the classical interspecies manner ‘ Regard thyself as in mine inestimable company’. This dialogue, took no physical communication, but was in the form of atomic sub-level transferral, which in less than a twinkling of an eye, communicated the entire history and societal structure of each of the beings to one another. ‘Choose a form’ – the mutual beings expressed to one another, and in agreement proceeded to converge on two human forms, one male – General assembly, one female – Thanter.


From the instant the human form was established a special bond formed between the two beings. The attraction between them was what had through eternity and amongst every species of the universe existed, and was at once welcomed and yet disarming for both General Assembly and Thanter as cross-species bonds were uncommon. General Assembly at once proceeded to share the truths of existence with Thanter.

‘We live in an ocean of light and darkness’ began General Assembly, ‘In the material universe we are shrouded by darkness, confined to material existence and at the same time traversing the illimitable spiritual universe of light, acutely aware of our limitations in comparison to the beings that solely live in the spiritual world’.

Thanter struggled to grasp the implications of this. Throughout eternity all sentient beings in the universe had struggled to understand the truth behind the Divine messengers teachings of spiritual reality, and here, he, Thanter, was in direct contact with a being who once and for all resolved this eternal question.

Confused by an array of new emotions, awe at being the first to communicate with a being connected with the spiritual realm, and the beginning realization of a much more simple draw to General Assembly. Thanter began an interstellar atomic level dialog with representatives of all the universal species to formulate a question at such an auspicious event.

The response was instantaneous, and Thanter asked ‘What is the reality of the spiritual beings’?

And so General Assembly began ‘The spiritual beings are all of us. In the heavenly realm there is no time and space – so we see that all of creation exists in the spiritual realm. That is to say we are communing both in this world, with its limits of time and space, and yet I continuously commune with you and all beings, who have existed in the universe, in the spiritual world’.

Thanter was dumbstruck – the logic so simple and profound was undeniable, and so it was that at that instant that all material creation disappeared from reality – for it no longer served a purpose.

Yet, Thanter and General Assembly continued eternal companionship in the heavenly realm.

A World Citizens Response to the State of the Union Address by Obama

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As i am may hopefully be going to be resident in the US for a while, for the first time yesterday i decided to listen to the ‘State of the Union’ address by President Obama. There are a number of highlights that come to mind. Emphasis on education and innovation was of great interest and admirable. Reduction in the deficit was, in my view, prudent. And emphasis on the nature of democracy and value placed on participatory politics, very noble. However, one part of the speech made me question the relevance of some aspects of government in this changing world. Obama’s emphasis on competition and American ‘fitness’ in a competing world, with China and India as the competetition, doesnt ring true for me. As a British born Persian, who lived in China for 7 years, speaks Chinese, Persian & English, currently living in Mexico (learning Spanish) and soon to be resident(hopefully) in the US with 1 masters degree(Chinese Business) and another on the way(Software Engineering), i dont think my international background is particularly unique – especially in the melting pot that is the US. So when there is talk of competing nations i feel that there is an old unupdated concept at work which doesnt recognise the interdependance and reliance by these ‘so-called’ competing nations. The actual fact is that, in the case of China, the US and China both are suppliers and customers for one anothers products and services and in fact their reliance on one another is a fundamental nature of the relationship – and growing day by day. Furthermore, as Obama stated on his election, the eleviation of poverty of ALL the human family is in Americas own self-interest, which is really taking place in China.
On that note – when Obama mentioned about he value of teachers – this morning i thought wouldnt it be interesting to have a world citizen class in schools – which taught world history & culture and strengthened our identity as one human family. I end on a Bahai quote to this effect – ‘The Earth is but One country and mankind its citizens’.


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Summer 2009 in NYC

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IM spending the summer this year volunteering for 3 months at the Bahai International Community offices at the UN in New York doing IT projects!

Back to work

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Back to work at OUP this week and doing BIHE teaching. Will have a week off from OUP at the beginning of June to do ‘People and Security’ assignment. Also, working out summer plans as i write!